Final Fantasy Explorers is out now!

By Square Enix Team

Final Fantasy Explorers is out now, worldwide and exclusively on Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS)! Go forth and explore Amostra in a brand new Final Fantasy adventure!

Want to get up to speed with what Final Fantasy Explorers is all about? Then check out our launch trailer below!

The crystals are the source of the planet’s energy. They are mystical ores that humanity has taken and used to drive the advancement of civilisation. Amostra, a new island that boasts a staggering wealth of naturally occurring crystals has drawn the attention of explorers from all over the world. However, the Eidolons, entities that exist to defend the crystals won’t just stand idly by and let explorers take what they want.

This is where you come in. You are an explorer out to make a name for yourself and your aim is to conquer the grand crystal! Amostra is a dangerous place though and not only do you have the Eidolons standing in your way, the land is also filled with powerful, deadly classic Final Fantasy monsters too. I’m sure that’s not enough to scare you though, so off to Amostra we go!

In Final Fantasy Explorers, you can customise and create your perfect explorer. Choose your job from over 20 new and familiar Final Fantasy jobs, including Knight, Monk, White/Black/Red/Blue Mage, Dark Knight, Paladin and Bard. Customise your character and select your weapons, armour and abilities to create your unique explorer.

You really do get a ton of options to customise your explorer. Each job plays differently and it’s easy to switch in and out of jobs so be sure to experiment and try out lots of different combinations and set ups.

Amostra is a dangerous place, filled with classic monsters and Eidolons from the Final Fantasy series. You can choose to explore alone or you can band together with up to three friends in either in local or online co-op. It is dangerous to go alone after all! 

If your friends aren’t around though you can also summon, recruit and level up monsters to take their place on your team. In my current team I’ve got a chocobo and cactuar backing me up. I had to go with the classics! 

By equipping magicite which you collect throughout your journey, you can gain access to the trance system. As you do battle, your trance meter will fill up and once full you can activate trance mode that will transform you into a classic Final Fantasy character (depending on the magicite equipped). There are 11 classic characters to transform into and they each have their own special abilities. I wasn’t lying when I said there’s a lot of customisation options for your explorer!

To celebrate Final Fantasy Explorers coming out in the west, we’ve also added some brand new FF Explorers Triple Triad cards to the Final Fantasy Portal App! These cards are based on the jobs available to you in game. You can download the Portal App for free via the App Store or Google Play Store!

So that is basically the gist of Final Fantasy Explorers! If you haven’t got a copy yet, you can pick it up via the Square Enix Store in Europe and North America and hopefully we’ll see you in Amostra. Go forth and explore!