DRAGON QUEST HEROES - Social Diary #7 (PSN Pre-Order Theme and Goolden Axe)

By Square Enix Team

Hey again, DRAGON QUEST fans!

With less than one week until DRAGON QUEST HEROES launches, I wanted to make sure you guys knew about some pretty cool new ways to get a hold of DRAGON QUEST HEROES that are now available!

Specifically we want to let you know we hear you guys asking about what’s available digitally on PSN!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES is available for purchase and pre-order via PSN right here: http://bit.ly/dqhdigpsn

First, you’ll get an instant reward of a static theme for your console, featuring two pieces of epic and amazing art from the game that appear on your top and bottom screens. Your icons even turn a pretty shade of what I’ll unofficially name “Heroic Gold,” matching the same gold as the title in the logo.

The second item you get will be available when the game launches, and this one will help round out your collection of awesome slime weapons. I hope you’re ready for another slime-tastic pun... Because the weapon you’re getting is the GOOLDEN AXE!

The Goolden Axe is for Yangus of course, so have fun beating up monsters with the gooiest axe he’s probably ever wielded!

Why is Yangus’ Goolden Axe available on PlayStation Network friends? Because he’s from DRAGON QUEST VIII, originally released for PlayStation 2!

Additionally, for those that are curious about pre-load availability, you can pre-load the game on your PS4 on October 11th!

Here’s your direct link to goo get your goolden axe! http://bit.ly/dqhdigpsn

Like I said at the beginning, we’re nearly out of time before DRAGON QUEST HEROES hits the stores, and I hope you’re all really excited to play it! The game is still available to try out on PS4 kiosks at Best Buy and GameStop locations near you, so give the game a shot, and then head over to the counter to get your pre-order in! See you soon, guys!

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Just wanted to return to say good on you all for releasing the slime weapons as a pack available for everyone now. However, the Goolden Axe is still a problem, as it is pictured as part of the DLC package on the store page itself, but is not included in the download. Hopefully this is an oversight that will be fixed.
Why is it that ordering the Slime Edition from the DEVELOPER's store does not include ALL pre-order bonuses? If those don't get released somewhere down the line, you will have to do quite a bit for me to want to shop with you for future releases.
Why is the digital Slime edition $10 cheaper than the preorder? The preorder comes with one weapon and the theme, nether are worth $10 and Digital Slime comes with 9, so what was the reason or point for preorder? Are trying to rob from those who were interested in your game early? Or maybe you don't value their money as much as they do?
I am getting quite tired of all this pre-order stuff being chopped up and released in bits and pieces. I ordered a physical collector's edition of the game hoping to avoid this type of scenario, but as always, even a collector's edition doesn't come with everything included. It is also annoying that this was posted so close to the games release after many had already pre-ordered. Really hoping that you all will consider releasing all of this pre-order content for everyone later down the road, as not doing so pretty much ensures people just selling their codes on Ebay to those desperate for the DLC, and I don't really think that is the greatest thing for gaming, but this tiresome trend just seems to continue.
Quit wasting our time and acting like a crossover-spinoff action game is some amazing gift and a worthwhile response to Dragon Quest fans' pleas over the last four years. Where's the REAL Dragon Quest games? The multitude of titles for the Wii, Wii U, PC, and especially the 3DS that have trapped for ages in Japan?
The 5 other slime weapons did not show up under my download list for the digital pre order. What's the deal?
YOu can only get the theme preordering from the PSN store? It won't come in the day one edition or even the collector's edition? :( @Aliton they are not bringing the PS3 (which is already made in Japan) why would they bother making a new port for the western fans? Also, most DQ fans are console players (only DQ10 is available on PC and its region-locked)