DRAGON QUEST HEROES - Social Diary # 6 (King Doric explains Monster Medals and more!)

By Square Enix Team


Well guys, today I’m coming at you with fewer words, but only because we’ve got way more video to show you! By the royal decree of King Doric, we’ve been authorized to release King Doric’s Royal Overview trailer, an all-new video that’ll walk you through everything you can expect from DRAGON QUEST HEROES, narrated by the king himself! He covers the characters and enemies you’ll meet, the skill trees, and he goes into detail about the Monster Medals, too. If you still have questions after you watch it, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Check it out below!

Pretty cool, right? I think one of the most awesome things about seeing this game in action is just how beautiful everything looks! Personally, I grew up with the DRAGON QUEST games where the monsters looked like this:


Even today, I still really love that retro charm, and how much imagination was put into those simple designs by the game’s character and monster designer, Akira Toriyama. How cool is it that now we’re at this point, though!?


He’s still the same in so many ways, yet you can really see just how far the “gooraphics” have come since those days, huh? And I know we’ve been showing you a lot of regular slimes, but don’t worry, DRAGON QUEST HEROES is bringing the whole slime family along! You’ll still encounter slime knights, the notoriously cowardly metal slimes with their incredible experience points, and of course, the king slime himself! I just want to poke him!


And if slimes aren’t your thing, you’re sure to see some other monsters you recognize too! Drackys, Sanguinis, Skeleton Knights, THIS guy... So intimidating!


But wait! We need to go back to the slimes! See, things are getting pretty exciting around here, because we’ve got the Slime Collector’s Edition in the house! I promised you guys an unboxing video, so me, Healix, and one of our newest guys on the marketing team, Carl Hidalgo, teamed up to blow your minds! It’s SHOW SLIME, Carl!

Pre-order the Collector’s Edition here!!


DRAGON QUEST HEROES comes out 10/13/15 on PS4 in NA and 16/10/15 in EU and PAL territories, and don’t forget, you can still pre-order for your exclusive Slime Weapons! See you guys next time!

Pre-order to get the Day 1 Edition here, or at a store near you!! - http://www.gamestop.com/ps4/games/dragon-quest-heroes-the-world-trees-woe-and-the-blight-below/120481

P.S. My favorite monster is still the Heal Slime. Look at our very special friend Healix! How do you say no to this adorable face?!


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