DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 devs critique fan creations

Take a look at some amazing fan creations - and what the DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 developers think about them!
By Duncan Heaney

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is a game that encourages creativity… and some of you are very creative indeed!

Fans have constructed some truly amazing things in the game since its release earlier this year. In honor of the game coming to PC, the developers of the game have taken a look at some of them, and shared their thoughts.

And with that, it’s over to the developers:

We introduced some great creations this time around, but there’s no reason to be intimidated! We hope even players who feel they aren’t the best builders will casually take photos and post their creations!

Also make sure to visit the Builders' Gallery (www.dragonquest-builders.com) where you can view the noticeboard online! Check out the creations from builders all over the world!

Builder: kakun

First, the overall scale is massive! It strongly depicts the passage of time looking at the way the castle’s main structure and walls have collapsed, combined with the foliage that has sprouted in the surrounding area.

The green in the grass and the blue in the water and sky are two colors that predominantly stand out; you can really feel the power of nature through this image. Additionally, the elevation and water flow of the surrounding terrain was built in detail; capturing all of this into one screenshot is also an amazing skill to note.

Builder: uniuniu0

Although there’s no one in sight as it’s raining, you can sense people inhabiting this alley, going about their daily lives. It almost looks like a scene from a movie as it skillfully recreates this everyday scenery.

This piece is also great in that it utilizes the same items and differentiates them with dyes as they naturally express the unique characteristics of each shop!

Builder: auauau

A whale that appears like a floating island. The fins, tail, and eyes have been ingeniously recreated through the builder’s rich imagination and selection of materials.

This builder has created a wonderful piece in air, an environment that is particularly hard to work in. It’s covered with greenery and appears so fantasy-like, but the fact that it can still be instantly identified as a whale is also excellent!

Builder: RedNatto

An eerie rendition of Furrowfield, an island that can also be enjoyed through the downloadable demo.

It seems like this builder has purposefully captured the screenshot in black and white to generate a “scary” feel. It’s quite impressive to see this builder tap into their imagination to elevate the “spookiness” through their original creations, like the structure with the eye on the palm of the hand, and the enormous plants that appear like winding vines.

Builder: choco

A vista that expands to the horizon on an exceptionally sunny day; it may appear deceptively simple at first glance. I wonder if the slime and she-slime formed a connection after crossing this bridge. There’s so much drama in this bridge alone, as it physically and spiritually represents “connections”.

Like this bridge made from “display hangers”, depending on your ideas as well as the combination and placement of items, building possibilities are endless in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2!

Builder: kidmen

This builder recreated “golem”, a monster that appears throughout the DRAGON QUEST series! It appears like golem is approaching from beyond the fog as it destroys the mountains obstructing its path. It’s a really cool piece that expresses the golem’s scale, movement, and strength, just through its silhouette and shades created by the thick fog.

Builder: Lunalyz

A beautiful scenery of a steam locomotive chugging through a bridge with a great view against an illuminating sunset.

The builder did such a great job recreating the black smoke as well! It really strikes a chord, generating a desire to “finish work early to travel somewhere far away in a manner that’s depicted in this screenshot…”

Builder: Navi

An impressive labyrinth that extends beyond the area captured in the screenshot!

When you see an architectural structure with a playful element, it makes you want to go there, doesn’t it? Everyone should try visiting this location if the terrain is uploaded in the noticeboard! It feels like a maze that might appear in your nightmares. A maze with an unknown start and end point. A maze you may never escape, once you enter. There’s no telling what would happen if you end up playing.


If you’ve yet to try DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2… well, you really should. The block-bashing adventure combines a deep single-player adventure with intuitive building mechanics to create an RPG like no other.

Following its critically-acclaimed release earlier this year, it’s recently come out on Steam. The new PC release features all the DLC from the Season Pass, as well as additional recipes to build if you purchase before January 6, 2020!

The game’s also available on PS4 both digitally and physically:

If you’re still not convinced, you can try the JUMBO DEMO. It’s a generous sample of the game, comprising three large areas - the full tutorial, the deserted Isle of Awakening that acts as your home base, and a massive portion of the Furrowfield Island too.

It’s literally hours of content for free - and any progress you make can be carried over into the main game!

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