DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT January 24th Patch Notes

Read information about the free update on January 24th, 2019.
By Duncan Heaney

Character Balance Updates

Changes have been made to Y’shtola’s skills.


Y’shtola is a versatile character who can play both offense and defense by harnessing various types of magic. As a conjurer, she can cast Aetherial Pulse to heal allies, and she can use her thaumaturge powers to steal bravery from foes.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed.

Character Issues

  • Yuna: An issue wherein, after hitting with Impulse and then successfully striking your enemy with Sonic Wings while guarding or sidestepping, your foe would not be blown back.

Other minor issues have also been fixed.

We hope you continue to enjoy DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT.