Champ Man 16 out now!

By Square Enix Team
Tags: Champ Man

The big day is finally here! Champ Man 16 has officially launched on Android and iOS today featuring all the latest real world transfers as well as a raft of new and updated features!  

Over the past week, we've been slowly releasing information about those features via our Facebook and Twitter but here are the best of them again in recap: 

One of the most often requested features for Champ Man 16 were job offers, and I'm delighted to say we've managed to add them to the game! You will now be able receive job offers from other teams if you've suitably impressed them. Even if a team isn't currently offering you a job, you can also check out the job listings section of the app, where you can interview for a number of other teams. When joining the new team, you'll continue playing in the same year as before (previously, in CM15, you would restart in the 2015 season when switching teams). To complement the ease of managing new teams, we've also extended the max playable amount of seasons in one go to 20 (up from 12). 

We've also added two new leagues and two new champions cups. You can now manage teams from Singapore and Australia with the two new cups being the South American and the Asian Champions Cup. You can qualify for the South American cup by managing Argentinian or Brazilian teams and for the Asian cup by managing Saudi Arabian, Australian or Singaporean teams.

We've also improved the AI transfer logic, making it easier to buy and sell players. That being said, the AI will now also go after free agents and players for its own squads more aggressively, so don't expect a wunderkind free agent to hang around forever!

Match engine graphics and logic has also seen some improvements and now display more information about where plays are coming in from so you can better react to and counter them.

I'll be posting a lot more information about what's new in Champ Man 16 on our forums, so do swing by there if you have any questions or want to know more about anything. It'd also be great to hear your feedback and to take any feature requests you might have for the future on there. 

You can pick Champ Man 16 up for free from the App Store or Google Play right now - happy managing!