Can you beat the new Sleeping Dogs Challenges?

By SlyRebirth

We love Sleeping Dogs. We’re so proud we were able to work with United Front Games on its release, and since launch we’ve been feeding out lots of extras in the form of add-on content, website upgrades and more.

Last week was the latest of those upgrades, with a whole new Challenge system that lets you see just how you shape up against players from all over the world. Fancy checking it out?

All you need to do is head to, link your Square Enix account and hit the Challenges tab – and you’ll find a whole raft of scores we think you really ought to beat… and if you do, you’ll earn Web Face points that count towards unlocking new Challenge slots.

You can even challenge people directly if you know their Square Enix username – a great way to get one over on your mates even more effectively.

That’s pretty cool – but that’s not all. We’ve also added two more whole new sections called Badges and Zodiac.

The first of these is a supplement to your in-game achievements, and tasks you with the fulfilment of a range of new in-game and web-based activity. Can you unlock them all, and prove you’re the complete Sleeping Dogs fan?

Meanwhile, Zodiac is a cool system we’ve devised to look at how you played through the game and assign a special Zodiac sign based on your own special style. There are 12 in all, so which one are you, and how accurately do you think we’ve assessed your skillz?

And last, but by no means least, we’ve also now added Leaderboards – so you can directly check out your own performance against the rest of the world. And if you manage to actually get into the top 20, you can be very, very proud!

Hope you have fun – let us know what you think!

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it is sorta hard but fun