WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #47

WAR TABLE Weekly Blog #47

Hello all! We are excited to announce more of the A-list VO cast list who will bring the War for Wakanda Expansion to life!

Also, we will be having am All-Access Weekend, where you can download and play Marvel’s Avengers at no cost.

Why do I hear boss music? The long-awaited, highly-anticipated Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion is arriving 7/27! Don your best gear and prepare for a serious challenge.

Additionally, Mega Hives got their multiplayer revamp! Time to dive in with your squad!

Read up on Family Reunion, multiplayer Mega Hives, and permanent Temporal Assault on our OLT blog that contains information on the rewards you'll receive and our thought-process behind them. Read it HERE!

Published July 22, 2021
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