New Trials of Mana Instagram filter reveals who you truly are

Find out which of the new action RPG’s compelling characters is most like you - and show the world!
By Duncan Heaney

If you played the Trials of Mana demo, you’ll be familiar with Trials of Mana’s uniquely likeable cast of characters. From the sterling swordsman Duran to the noble Amazon Riesz, each member of the cast bursts with life and imagination - but which do you most identify with?

Are you as curious as Charlotte, or as quick-witted as Hawkeye? Are you a princess like Angela, or can be a bit of an animal like Kevin?

Well now you can let the world know with our brand new Trials of Mana new Instagram filter. Add this to a selfie, and and you can proudly display which character you get right onto the image.

Head over to Instagram now to check it out - and share who you get with us on the official Mana series Twitter account with the hashtag #TrialsofMana.

But perhaps an Instagram filter’s not enough. Maybe you want to delve deep into your psyche and find out which Trials of Mana character truly matches your personality with a more structured question and answer-based format?

Fortunately we have just the thing to fulfil that weirdly-specific and slightly contrived desire: the Trials of Mana Personality Quiz.

With a few simple questions, you can find out which of the game’s amazing characters is most like you. Use it as a guide to help you choose who to play as in the full game, unlock exclusive avatars on the Square Enix Website, or just do it because it’s fun.

Visit the website and give it a go:

Trials of Mana is out in just a few days for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam - Friday 24, 2020, specifically.

Get the game before May 21, 2020 to receive a special Rabite Adornment. This in-game item allows you to gain more experience from battles up to level 10.

To stay up to date with Trials of Mana - and the Mana series as a whole - make sure you follow the team on social media: