Thief is out now!

By Square Enix Team

It’s time for Garrett to once more step out of the shadows… well, probably back into them I suppose. Anyway, Thief is now available across Europe and PAL territories!

While it’s available from all good games retailers, both in stores and on digital platforms such as Steam, we wanted to let you know about a special offer available on the Square Enix Store – for a limited time only.

If you buy Thief or Thief: The Master Thief Edition directly from us you’ll receive the Bank Heist DLC completely for free. Prices and links are as follows:


  • Thief - £29.99- Thief: The Master Thief Edition - £32.99 Germany
  • Thief - €49.99- Thief: The Master Thief Edition - €52.99 Rest of Europe
  • Thief - €49.99- Thief: The Master Thief Edition - €52.99 Australia
  • Thief - $70.99- Thief: The Master Thief Edition - $79.99 So there’s something for you to do with the weekend then. Have fun!
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Im sorry. is it just me, or does anyone also feels dizzy when playing this game?
Hey Square I had this game preordered but i cancelled it together with FF13 Lightning Returns since you treat me as your customer so very respectless we have heard nothing new about a physical release of Drakengard 3 despite the whole comment section is full with complaints, that people want a physical release even if it's only in your shop but for all of the countries in Europe. Whereas the US is getting on top of the regular version a limited edition, a Japanese voice pack for free and now pre order costumes as well. How stupid do you think your customers are? We are sick of you sabotaging your own games here in Europe, just so you can claim that there is no interest. I can live with no limited edition since it is something special, like with Lightning Returns or the HD remakes of FFX/X-2 but I can in all honesty not seriously believe you if you tell me that you expect to sell even a single version of Drakengard 3 here in Europe after all this.
Also to those people thinking the great safe is buggeds it's not it's just a puzzle, don't just enter the numbers as they are on the note. I've seen loads of people asking about it
All the reviews I've seen for this game mention the multitudes of game breaking bugs then say 'but it's loads of fun 9/10' wth? this is unacceptable this is square and eidos in 2014 not some barely competant, underfunded 2 man team the game cost me £42.99 and I've missed large chunks of story and have had to reset my console countless times.
The PS3 version is pretty buggy so far. Nothing too drastic has happened, but the sound in some places wasn't synced, their lips were moving, but they weren't saying anything. And I got to this one part where the sound just completely died. Then I tried to quit, and my Play Station just restarted for no reason. I don't know what that was all about, but besides these issues, the game play was fun, and the story is intriguing so far.
PS3 version is buggy as balls, I've had the menues turn into giant coloured shardes arcing across the screen and coveing menue items, the light gem and most of the screen. Orion randomly got muted in one cutscene meaning I had no idea what was going on and one cutscene let me skip it but refused to actually start so again I had no idea what was going on, and finally the game has just straight up crashed several times.
Hi, PS4 digital version on Polish PS store costs 300PLN = 72 Euro, yet my friend in the states bought it for 59.99$ with 0% Tax. Just wanted to share my super negative feelings and that I give up on SE. Peace...
Look this is a switch to reopen that door lol
I cant get app to work even tho im signed in on the web site.....keeps sayin I need to validate my email.....does anyone no how????
If you have any issues with the game, the place to report them/ask for assistance is on the official Thief forums:
in the asylum in chapter 5 and every time i try to get into the room where it temporarily bursts into flame i get pushed out and the door closes and i am unable to reopen it. Help?
Got it a couple of hours ago and really enjoying it so far. There are a couple of minor glitches and some issues with lip-synch on certain cutscenes but I'm finding it easy to overlook that; it's a beautiful game, the stealth mechanic is simple but great fun to play with and messing around with the range of freedom with equipment and movement is awesome.
Next alter the brightness by the console, not monitor/television. Not sure whose idea it was to make the change on the monitor/television, but very stupid.
Hi guys I have had a few sound glitches and a save glitch on a client job (silence is golden) I manually saved in one of the vents and when it loaded it put on top of the vent in the wall and there is no way out. Lol, ended up starting mission again so in all really good game and hope to see another in the near future.
I was playing chapter 2 and suddenly my game started this crazy colored glitch. Even my mini-map was affected. And then i later had a conversation with Basso and he would talk but the voice didn't match his lips including Garrett .
freezes when I try to start chapter 2. Why release stuff that doesn't work?
I unlocked the focus lock pick ability but can't activate it. I need help? :(
i have buyed this game and so fare the game experiens is good, but i have come to chapter fore and im with the big safe thing and the code dex is some thing wrong with i cant come to the other side and i have no clue what i sud do with that.. and it is on xbox 360.
during tutorial i couldnt pick wall safe lock no matter how many time i tried any suggestions?