Pick a Thief lock and win a PS4!

By Square Enix Team

To celebrate the UK launch of Thief tomorrow we’ve set up a rather special competition, in association with those folks at GAME.

Put simply, if you can rock up to one of ten selected stores around the UK and be the first person to pick the lock of a special Thief chest, you get to win one of the prizes on offer – with PlayStation 4 consoles, PlayStation Vitas and AMD gaming PCs among them!

Each chest contains just one prize, and your lock-picking attempt (using only the tools provided) will only last for a maximum of five minutes… can you beat the clock and open the lock?

Lockpicking attempts begin at the following stores tomorrow at 11am:

  • Birmingham - Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BU- Manchester - Trafford Centre, 35 Peel Avenue,Manchester, Greater Manchester, M17 8DF- Sheffield - Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, S9 1ER- Southampton - West Quay Centre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1QD- West Thurrock - Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, Essex, RM16 1WT- Norwich - 2-10 Back of the Inns, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1PT- Newcastle - 3 Chevy Chase, Eldon Square, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, NE1 7XP- Westfield Stratford - Stratford City, London, E15 2EN- Edinburgh - St James Centre Edinburgh EH1 3SL- Cardiff - Grand Arcade, St Davids 2 Centre, Cardiff, CF10 2ER And the full list of prizes hidden across the ten chests are:
  • 2 x PlayStation 4 consoles- 2 x AMD gaming PCs- 2 x PlayStation Vita handhelds- 4 x signed Thief artbooks, plus £15 in GAME vouchers Full terms and conditions are available here – you need to be a UK resident and 16 or over to take part. Time to channel some Garrett… and be lucky!
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Agree not even doing N.ireland.
Wow what a game company, they will do this in the uk but won't do it in the US, millions of paying customers and we are not good enough? Kinda makes me wonder why I supported this company by buying their game if I'm not considered an equal to people from the UK
Neilus,Sounds like you're getting a raw deal down there. Come on up here, there's always room for one more. At least you won't have to wait a year to see your favorite TV show !
Geez! Anyone would think that the prizes were eternal youth or a house for you to live in for life. It's a pretty basic prize guys. And yeah, the UK and the USA all [bw]bitching[/bw] about not getting anything or getting things too late... that's funny. Try living in Australia! We get TV show almost a full year after the US... and no lock picking competitions here to speak of. We've got to organise our own, and then someone always gets caught and ruins it for everyone else as they blab in front of the judge that it wasn't their idea... So yeah, US... you get plenty. Big deal; you didn't get the chance to pick a lock on a small wooden box. It's an outrage, I'll give you that, but I think you're going to be okay, as long as you commit to the counselling and breathing exercises. UK, pick those locks! [bw]damnit[/bw], I hope you all win a small prize - you all deserve it. Don't worry about us down here in Australia. We'll just buy stuff... after we've waited for the US and the UK to completely finish it and move on to the next thing that we might get in 18 months. You poor things... I really do feel for all of you. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. ;-)
What about the Millions of paying customers here in the U.S. What do we get?
[bw]lmao[/bw] i can pick a chest specially a small 6 wheel lock
well I go lock picks and tension wrench too bad I live in Denmark
Only in the UK... (-_-) Well this sucks!
haha fetch me a plane ; can I keep the box?
Good challenge and shame i didn't hear sooner. (Would've brushed up a little)
lol not a problem already know how to pick locks had a lot of time on my hands as a youth and the pick kits are relatively easy to get your hands on if you know the right places to look … too bad I'm just getting to see this now … hmmm wonder if anybody is bragging about winning? don't imagine there front or back doors have a very difficult tumbler system lol
@shiftyeye you mean after it leaves china for next to nothing it gets sold in your stores for 3/4 more than it would cost in the us? Go [bw]fuck[/bw] yourself
The reason why we usually get all these things first is typically becaus we developed them on our continent. Come up with something worth buying and then you can have it first.
Oh shuddup you get everything earlier
Nice to see these fools include the usa
I live in southampton and didnt even now about it lool ffs lool
And those of us from Canada get... what? I preordered. Loyal to SqEn. So???
The US me being an American who pre ordered thief we got enough bonuses don't be greedy guys
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are you kidding me.. it's about time the UK got something like this, you Americans always get games/movies/tv shows before us, and you always seem to get exclusives on game competitions and we get left out in the cold.. count yourselves lucky!
I'd love to have a chance at this! US needs a go!
There needs to be a US Version of this!!! (maybe you guys are scared that we would figure this out too easily???? ;) )
One more shout out for a U.S. Thief lock event!
Yeah no kidding
Wish there was a US version of this event. I'd pop that lock no probs! ;)