Get up to 75% off Thief and Tomb Raider this weekend!

By Square Enix Team

Since you all had so much fun robbing our Square Enix Store of a ton of copies of Thief last week, someone here figured it'd be a great idea to offer you something new for this weekend as well! There’ll be nothing left to sell on the store soon…

From today, June 13, until Sunday, June 15, you can pick up the PC download version of Tomb Raider: Game of the Year from the Square Enix Store for an amazing 75% off! Just £6.25/€7.50/A$8.75 will net you the full critically-acclaimed game, as well as a truckload of both multiplayer and singleplayer DLCs! 

Remember, sun's out, guns (and bows) out, so don't miss this rare opportunity to hop on an ocean cruise and lose yourself on Yamatai!

But that's not all... on top of the fantastic Tomb Raider offer above, we've also just found out that until Monday, June 16, stealth fans that missed out on last weekend's offer can nab Thief and the Master Thief Edition at half price on Steam.

Immerse yourself in the shadows in this modern take on the original ‘stealth-em-up’ and sneak Garrett through the city of chains, evading the brutality of the Baron’s Watch while chasing the mysterious Primal…

Thief is a game no stealth fan should miss, so creep over to Steam to take advantage of the special offer this weekend!!!!!!!

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First of all there are no glitches/bugs in Tomb Raider it runs smoothly and perfectly on 60fps, Also forget about pc based players focus on ps4 and xbox1 that's where the money is and the fan base. To anyone wanting and complaining about no double hand guns and swimming ect, this next gen series Tomb Raider is Lara becoming Lara Croft then Rise of the Tomb the story line and watch the ending.
Hello, Could you From Tomb Raider Team, solve the Minesweeper challenge glitch? I am at Shipwreck Beach at 96% of the game, and i found 9/10 Mines. I had stopped playing last year, and now i continue, but with this annoying BUG.I have two save game for check if the mines were there, and in the second save, i found all mines... Tomb Raider 2013 (Steam) Thank you!!
New tomb raider love it ,,but I did missed swimming and double hand guns in the last TB just a little swimming in next one and lots of double hand guns any one else agree, oh and a sniper gun be nice
My bf says it stoped saving an made him play level over an over, this happan when got ahead of him, hes mad .. all is gd 4me
so this is just for pc?what about xbox players?
This wonderful, but where's Dragon Quest?
what a faf to get playing the ffxiv !!! unbelievable. This will stop us purchasing anything else in the series!