DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 adds new story, new hair and much more

Here’s what’s coming to the game in the final free content update
By Square Enix Team

DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 has been a hit with both critics and gamers. More than 1.1 million copies of the game have been shipped or downloaded - that’s a whole lot of building going on!

The DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 team has been busy too - constructing new content to make the game even better. Now the game’s reached its final form with a new update that expands the game in some big ways.

We’re talking new stories, new customization features and much more. Here’s what’s included:

New epilogues for key characters

The story in DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is pretty satisfying, but there are some characters who didn’t quite get the closure some of you wanted. For example, what happened to the loveable Captain Whitebones?

You’ll get your answers in the new update, which adds brand new epilogues for a number of the game’s characters.

To see the new stories, you’ll first have to had done the following:

  • Complete 45 Tablet Targets

  • Complete the item check events for the materials that can be gathered without limit on all of the Explorer’s Shores

  • Visit Buildertopia at least once

If you’ve met those objectives, you’ll get a letter in your postbox - that will set you on the path to seeing the new stories play out.

New haircuts

New story’s good and all, but you want to look good while doing it. The latest update adds new hairstyles, so you can give your character a slick new appearance. It’s good to change up your style now and then, right?

Manipulate the weather on the Isle of Awakening

New items put more power in your builder’s hands than ever before. You’ll be able to change the weather on a whim. Want a wintery theme - why not make it snow? Weather a storm of your own creation, or just make it rain. It’s all up to you.

The specific weather conditions are:

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy
  • Rainy
  • Snowy
  • Stormy

Here’s how you get access to weather manipulation: after obtaining the Buildnoculars by completing all of the Tablet Targets, simply to the Hairy Hermit. That will give you the recipe that allows you to build these items on the Wizard’s Workbench.

More characters follow the Hero’s Flag / War Banner

When you hold the attack button near the Hero’s Flag / War Banner, characters other than soldiers will follow you. You’ll be able to lead all your townsfolk on a merry chase or take them for a lovely drive in the country.

Please note that this feature is only available once you have completed the game.

Three save slots

As of this update, you have three save slots to use. You’ll also be able to copy save data on the save selection screen.

Save up to three Buildertopias

Want to build even more? It seems lots of you do - so you can now save up to three Buildertopias. Let your creativity run free unchecked!

Other additions and fixes

As well as the big changes above, there have been fixes and updates across the rest of the game too.

For example, you can toggle plant growth on and off, items that have directionality now have an arrow to help placement, there are new speed options when using the Buildnoculars and loads more.

With this patch, DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2 is complete and fully formed. We hope you enjoy the game, and continue to amaze us with your creativity and building prowess.